Cooperman House

Cooperman House

Tim Brown


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Ron and Connie McCall find almost everything in their lives new. They're in a new city, at a new school and a new job, and occupying a new apartment in a home with a history - which is all very manageable until a neighbor is mugged, and supernatural visits complicate their lives. Neither of them has an interest in paranormal phenomena until they learn of the death of a previous resident. Her mysterious visits to their apartment confound police, landlords, and friends. One such friend is a thirty-year-old, developmentally delayed man who is a neighborhood favorite. Their affection for him becomes an endearing thread woven through a knotty fabric of paranormal challenges and a cast of quirky characters.


Tim Brown:
Tim Brown is the author of four books, each celebrating everyday people in bewildering circumstance. Cooperman House is no exception--playful dialogue and supernatural surprises abound. Tim learned to write succinctly as an advertising copywriter, and his fiction benefits from that discipline. He holds a BA in journalism from the University of Nebraska and an MA in mass communications from Denver University. Between degrees, he served as a journalist in the US Army.