Hunting Discomfort

Hunting Discomfort

How to Get Breakthrough Results in Life and Business No Matter What

Sterling Hawkins


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  1. Help for desperate times: As we emerge from the unprecedented challenges of a global pandemic, many professionals and entrepreneurs are looking to reinvent their businesses—and their lives—either by choice or necessity. Hunting Discomfort provides the tools for transformation in these difficult times.
  2. Dares to go there: While most male-oriented books about transformation emphasize stoicism and strength, Hunting Discomfort goes where other titles don’t—directly to readers’ vulnerability and fears—and shows them how to turn these challenges into assets. With sections on self-doubt, fear of exposure, and uncertainty, Hunting Discomfort faces these very human traits head-on, while showing readers how to work with discomfort rather than push it away.
  3. Credibility: Sterling has achieved considerable success as a tech entrepreneur, venture capitalist, motivational leader, and internationally recognized public speaker, all of which earns him a high level of credibility among readers.
  4. Relatability: A relatable figure who openly shares his missteps and vulnerabilities, Sterling has overcome his own failures, from bad breakups to hitting rock bottom in business. Readers will be able to see themselves in the author’s own experiences.
  5. Inspirational and aspirational: Sterling is a high-energy, high-achieving adventurer who runs ultra-marathons and literally swims with the sharks. He has worked with top-gun pilots, famous artists, and many high-profile entrepreneurs all over the world. His accomplishments—and winning good looks—will inspire many readers.


Sterling Hawkins:

Sterling Hawkins is out to break the status quo. He believes that we can all unlock incredible potential within ourselves, and he’s on a mission to support people, businesses, and communities to realize that potential, regardless of the circumstances. From a multibillion-dollar start-up to collapse and coming back to launch, invest in, and grow over fifty companies, Sterling takes that experience to work with C-level teams from some of the largest organizations on the planet and speaks on stages around the world.

Today, Sterling serves as CEO and founder of the Sterling Hawkins Group, a research, training, and development company focused on human and organizational growth. He has been seen in publications like Inc., Fast Company, The New York Times, and Forbes.

Based in Colorado, Sterling is a proud uncle of three and a passionate adventurer who can often be found skydiving, climbing mountains, shark diving, or even trekking in the Sahara. Maybe you’ll even join him for the next adventure—and discover the breakthrough results you’re looking for. He’ll have your back, #NoMatterWhat.