Antlers of Bone

Antlers of Bone

Taylor Denton


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Lily, an ex-ballerina, struggles to distinguish fantasy from reality. After a disastrous incident shatters her already ruptured family life, she is sent to Meadowlark - a top new-age mental intuition. It is there that she is forced to face the demon that has been haunting her all of her life - the monster she has been running from. She journeys through the surrealistic landscape of her own mind and must decide, once and for all, if her own life is worth fighting for.


Taylor Denton:
A skilled writer, editor, and customer service expert with a great deal of experience, beginning while still in middle school where my first poems were published. My writing gained attention in high school with publications and I began writing professionally in August of 2018 for Metro Sampler, and then for SOS Music Media as a freelance writer. My first full-length novel Antlers of Bone will be coming out in 2021 through Running Wild Press. My novella, The Mountain was published through Running Wild Press in November of 2019.