Love Stumbled In

Love Stumbled In

Nancy Shew Bolton


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In the midst of tragedy and uncertainty love stumbles in...

The years of WWI and the flu epidemic that followed have left Carrie orphaned and taken in by her distant relatives who have also suffered injury and loss. She finds herself drawn to the youngest of the five brothers, a dedicated Christian her age who becomes her emotional support. When he leaves with a small church group to spread the Gospel, Carrie is heartbroken.

As she finds the strength to survive and navigates the challenges of her first job in a wealthy household, she is forced to examine herself and question her own heart and the directions life leads her.

Just as the 1920's were a decade of change, so they prove to be for Carrie.


Nancy Shew Bolton:
Nancy Shew Bolton is a wife of over 40 years, mother of five grown sons, and grandmother to a boy and girl. She’s written many works of fiction, two non-fiction, and is working on an idea for a children’s book, as well as more fiction manuscripts. Her husband has been supportive of her long hours spent at the keyboard. Many thanks to her beloved Johnny! She thanks God and His Son for her life, her loved ones and the spark of creativity inside every person. She believes each person is a unique creation, with their own special voice and place in this amazing universe. God’s handiwork amazes her