Word Order in English Sentences

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Word Order in English Sentences

Phil Williams


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#1 BESTSELLER - Grammar

#1 BESTSELLER - English as a Foreign Language

Want to master the basics of English structure?

Do you fully understand ‘subject-verb-object’?

Can you rearrange clauses confidently?

This book explains all. A complete foundation in word order and sentence structure for the English language, Word Order in English Sentences is a full self-study guide that takes you from the basic rules through to flexible structures. As well as learning the standard building blocks of English, you’ll find the answers to positioning adverbial phrases building complex sentences, with exercises to test understanding. The rules and patterns are all demonstrated through easy-to-follow explanations with clear, engaging examples.

This concise grammar guide is a must-have for starting students and language enthusiasts alike. Phil Williams takes you beyond the basics to make advanced English accessible for everyone - try it today.