Worlds Without End

Worlds Without End

Wendy Parker


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Worlds Without End is a book about matter manipulation, time travel, and travel between planets. Plants use their aroma to speak to humans. Matter is manipulated to form earth-like planets. It is a book that goes through generations and shows how the matter manipulators come to be. It shows how the worlds are created using the principal of free agency and honoring the creators.


Wendy Parker:
Wendy Parker is an Environmental Engineer who works for the DoD as an air program manager for the Navy. Through her life she has worked as a police officer, animal control officer, and a water, wastewater asset manager. She has worked all over the United States including Washington State, Idaho, Arizona and Utah, as well as throughout Alaska with the varied positions. She was privileged to work Japan for the Air Force a number of years. Her hobbies include raising horses, including a wild horse when she was younger, and later becoming a genealogist and fishing in Alaska. She has an ability to explain scientific terminology in an understandable manner to all levels of readers.