The Flight Log of a Cfi

The Flight Log of a Cfi

Tomislav Tolj Egui


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I want to give you all my knowledge, interpretations, articles, and content that I have been writing down and studying from since day 1. For some Part 61 students without any curriculum-based training, it is really difficult to find some of the approved sources besides the ones from the FAA (the handbooks) or software-based training such as Jeppesen or EcFlight. So I leave you with comprehensive, objective, constructive, organized, thoughtful, and specific guidelines because it will be impossible to cover everything in just one book about what is expected from you to know as a private or commercial pilot. This is a book based on what is written on the Airman Certification Standards (ACS). Remember that the FAA issue changes to these guidelines, and it’s always recommended to not limit ourselves to what we read and to what the flight instructors teach in class. A great pilot is determined by how much passion he or she puts into reading his or her books and into external research. Do not settle. For some students in my country, this book is to show you that there is more to aviation than what you know, what the schools in Venezuela can teach you, and what the aviation authority requires you to know. There is always one more thing to learn.


Tomislav Tolj Egui:
The profession of aviation is a demanding and rewarding experience. Knowledge, experience, and available resources determine the quality of the airman. There are many sources of information that are used to have a fulfilling and safe aviation experience. The following material is but one of the invaluable pieces you can add to your tapestry of aviation resources. The author is experienced in teaching and is passionate about the learning experience. Above all, the author is dedicated to the student’s development into a quality airman. He has carefully broken down fundamental areas of knowledge learned by all airmen. This book has been designed for both low-time pilots and experienced aviators who need a refresher. We, as aviation professionals and enthusiasts, must never stop learning. I have been in aviation for over seventeen years. During those years, I have read and studied countless books and manuals. I have looked over miles of technical texts, diagrams, graphs, and illustrations. This is one of the better collections of information I have come across. This book consolidates complex concepts that are easier to retain and reference. The format is also an enjoyable experience. We all experience moments of confusion during our early days of flying. It seems like there is an endless stream of information for us to process while trying to perform in a flight environment. This can seem like an insurmountable challenge at times. However, this book is here to help clear the fog and lead you in the right direction. It will be a great resource to have at your disposal. Gilberto Suárez