An Impossible Marriage

An Impossible Marriage

What Our Mixed-Orientation Marriage Has Taught Us About Love and the Gospel

Laurie Krieg, Matt Krieg


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"People say our marriage is impossible." Laurie and Matt Krieg are in a mixed-orientation marriage: a marriage in which at least one partner's primary attraction isn't toward the gender of their spouse. In the Kriegs' case, Laurie is primarily attracted to women—and so is Matt. Some find the idea of mixed-orientation marriage bewildering or even offensive. But as the Kriegs have learned, nothing is impossible with God—and that's as true of their marriage as anyone else's. In An Impossible Marriage, the Kriegs tell their story: how they met and got married, the challenges and breakthroughs of their journey, and what they've learned about marriage along the way. Christianity teaches us that marriage is a picture of Jesus’ love for the church—and that's just as true in a mixed-orientation marriage as in a straight one. With vulnerability and wisdom, this book lays out an engaging picture of marriage in all its pain and beauty. It's a picture that points us, over and over again, to the love and grace of Jesus—as marriage was always meant to do.


Laurie Krieg:
Laurie Krieg is a writer, speaker, and ministry leader whose mission is to teach the Church how to approach sexuality with the gospel. She also serves on the board of directors of the Center for Faith, Sexuality, and Gender. Together, Laurie and her husband Matt host the Hole in My Heart podcast. They live with their three children in Grand Rapids, Michigan.|||Matt Krieg is a licensed professional counselor and director of counseling at Caring Well Counseling. Together, Laurie and Matt host the Hole in My Heart podcast. They live with their three children in Grand Rapids, Michigan.